Cocoa Beach · Florida · USA

🌈☀️ Cocoa Beach ☀️🌈

Dear K,

Your adventure in South Carolina sounds super fun! Your letter totally made me want to go there on a road trip : ) About my weekend… Even though I’ve been enjoying Orlando, the fact that it is landlocked still kills me. So I try to escape to the coast as much as I can on the weekends! This time I went to check out Cocoa Beach area. Me and my friend S drove there first thing on Sunday morning. Shiny day in O-town, so what could go wrong? Oh, I know! Florida’s super unstable weather. As soon as we parked by the Pier, it started pouring!


We ran to the bar and started off our day with some drinks as we couldn’t really get some tan. The bar at the Pier is actually quite nice and it has live music, which made us enjoy our morning and forget about the rain.

What do I love about the Sunshine state? An hour later, the sun was shining again!!! So we immediately went to the beach before the weather changed its mind again. Best nap I’ve had lately! Ahahaha

After a couple of hours it started raining again.. Of course! But this time it was worth it, as I saw one of the most gorgeous rainbows ever!

Rainbow @ Cocoa Beach

 We didn’t want to leave without going to the edge of the Pier, but unfortunately there was some private event going on. On the bright side, I’m amazing at persuading people and we convinced the security to let us go for a few minutes to take some pictures . The view is really nice and the sound of the waves is soooo relaxing… I could totally picture myself leaving work and sitting there reading a book or just enjoying nature.

After this, we decided to go to Coconuts on the Beach to get some food and enjoy happy hour. We got a huge basket of loaded fries, fish tacos and blackened fish.

Coconuts has a really good vibe, which made it an amazing ending before we headed back to Orlando.

Can’t wait for our weekend in Miami! : )

– C


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