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Split, Croatia

Hi C,

Milan sounds amazing! I haven’t gone in years. That sunset is breathtaking! I’m excited to share with you my adventures in Split, Croatia. So many of my friends had gone and highly recommended it. What can I say.. It was definitely a memorable trip.

Long story short, my friend’s suitcase didn’t show up in Split and they had left about 40 other suitcases in Rome as well. We literally stood in line for HOURS to report it to the airport. There were so many people in line but were worse off than us since they were leaving for yacht week the next morning. We only ended up getting the suitcase two days later and it was one of the most frustrating experiences ever.

Split itself isn’t really that long and we were pretty close to the city center. We were about a 15 minute walk from the best restaurants, nightlife and shopping.

Our hotel was pretty good and it had a pool on the rooftop that had an insane sunset. I probably took over 100 photos of it lol. It felt so nice to just relax by the pool after a stressful trip.

We wandered around looking for places to eat. I’ll be honest, the food in Split was disappointing. I was never fully satisfied anywhere that we ate. However, everyone was really nice and helpful.

When we were out at night I heard Latin music and was sooo excited. I really miss Reggaeton! I was so happy and kept singing alone like a crazy person hahaha.


We also stopped by a club called Central for like 15 minutes but it wasn’t really our vibe. Everyone was kind of sloppy hahaha.

One of the days we went to Mamitas to relax and it was incredible. Just spending time in a cabana and listening to the water. It really made me appreciative to be in that moment.

We were only in Split for two days which clearly wasn’t enough! Will need to go back :)


– K


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