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Croacia, we meet again

Dear K,

The Rosé Mansion in NYC looks lovely! I bet you felt like a princess there :)

And talking about being a princess… one of my best friends is getting married very very soon (can’t waaaait!!!). It’s actually the reason why I am writing you today.

It wouldn’t be a proper wedding without a crazy bachelorette party and so the bridesmaids decided to take her to beautiful Croatia. She had absolutely no idea of where we were going until we landed in Split, which made the trip hilarious. We folded her eyes and made her wear a ridiculous veil around the airport. It was nearly hysterical but let me tell you… it was probably the hardest secret to keep until today.


The same way she didn’t know about the destination, she also had no idea about our plans to go to Ultra Europe, one of the largest EDM festivals in Europe. It’s completely out of her comfort zone so we thought it would be a great idea for her “single” life farewell.

We stayed in a Premium Beach House at the Beachville, the official festival campsite. When we arrived, she did not understand where we were going at all. I’m pretty sure at some point she thought we were going camping or something like that. She’d would have probably killed us if that was the case! The accommodation was actually great, with an awesome porch and 1 min walk to the beach. The best part of staying at Beachville is that you can stay by the beach, take the official festival shuttle, and enjoy yourself at the beach parties, restaurants, bars, etc.

The festival itself was crazy. All the renowned EDM DJs were in the lineup (Chainsmokers, Alesso, Armin Van Buren, Axwell & Ingrosso, David Guetta, Steve Aoki, DJ Snake, Hardwell, and many more). Not my favorite type of music but I can definitely get in the mood and party like crazy! I’ve been to quite a few festivals so far and thought the audiovisuals and all the other visual effects were absolutely insane.

The general mood was spectacular! Everyone was super friendly, coming from all places in the world… It’s hard to put it in words but I could really feel a good vibe. Perhaps also because the World Cup was near the end and Croatia went so far. Everyone was going insane about soccer. Impossible not to feel it!


Obviously, throughout the festival days the bride-to-be had to complete several challenges just because we said so. To make a fool of herself, basically. And let’s just say some funny things happened. I cannot share all of them for obvious reasons ahahahah. But there was this random guy who randomly found out she was getting married and started stripping. I mean, he was sexy… So far so good. But then… he showed his butt and had Hello Kitty holding a gun tattooed on it. What the heck?! A-W-K-W-A-R-D

The festival was mad for sure, but we had more surprises coming. After the festival, we headed to one of the breathtaking islands close to Split, which I will tell you all about in my next letter :)

Stay in touch! xoxo


– C


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