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Birthday weekend in Algarve

Dear K,

You just made me go back to my trip to Split years ago. There’s not much to see, but it is definitely fun and wild! I’m sure I will end up there soon ;) Now, two weeks ago was my birthday and because it was Easter weekend, me and my family decided to spend some days out of Lisbon. We went exploring Costa Vicentina and some new places in Algarve.

On the way to the South, we stopped by Porto Covo for lunch. We went to Taska do Xico, which I hadn’t tried before. Like any restaurant on the coast, the fish was superb! I don’t even need to recommend you a specific type of fish, all of it is amazingly fresh. On top of that, the view is amazing and the decor is as Portuguese as one can get!!!


We stayed at our beach house in Monte Gordo. I can’t tell you enough how much I had missed the view. Priceless!

And the weather helped a lot as well. It was a very warm weekend so I enjoyed some family time at the beach playing soccer with my nephew.


On Saturday, we crossed the border and had lunch in Spain  at the best tapas restaurant of Andalusia: La Puerta Ancha. During summer it is nearly impossible to get a table so we decided to give it a try this time of the year. One hour later, we finally got a table for our party of 9. It was soooo worth it. Amazing tapas, with a slight gourmet touch. Not the expected dishes that you can have anywhere (even though they’re also amazing). Less fried, other types of dishes and seasoning… I really enjoyed it!

On Sunday, we had a family cooked meal with seafood and barbecue we bought in Spain on our way back to Portugal. These are undoubtedly the best meals!

For those who know me, this was a very low key birthday, but perfect to recharge until my next holidays in July!!! :D

Miss you!

– C


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