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C and K @ Epcot Food & Wine Festival

KandCtraveltheworld is a blog written by two Portuguese best friends who love to explore a variety of destinations. Even though they live in the same state, they only get to be together a few times a year.. With this blog, they are able to share their most exciting adventures and recommendations with each other and the world. Enjoy!

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Hi! I was born in Portugal but moved to the US when I was pretty young. I have always had a great love for travel and have been blessed to be able to visit multiple continents. I’m obsessed with sunsets, cheetos and Chanel (pretty random I know).
I look forward to sharing my crazy journey with you and hearing your recommendations!

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Hello! I’m 24 and I have lived most of my life in Lisbon, Portugal. Two years ago I went to the US to finish my masters and ended up starting my professional life there. I am a total foodie, a die hard Benfica soccer fan, and super passionate about Hospitality and Tourism. I’ve visited 18 countries around the world (which is still pretty far from my goal) and lived in Budapest for 6 months, a city that I’ll never forget and wish I can go back someday.

I can’t wait to write all about my adventures and I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I do!