Florida · Orlando · USA

8th Downtown Food & Wine Fest

Dear K, Jamaica looks amazing, as usual. My weekend was definitely more local ahah. The 8th Downtown Food & Wine Festival happened this past weekend in Orlando and well, you know me, I wouldn’t miss an event like this! Restaurants might use it as a platform to show off their ultimate endeavors but for me is…… Continue reading 8th Downtown Food & Wine Fest


Florida · Orlando · USA

Foodie does Orlando in Three Days

Dear K, I’m dying to visit incredible Dubai. The views look amazing and the food… OMG!!! Can’t wait to go there! As I told you in my previous letter, I had a friend from Portugal visiting me for ten days. We spent 3 of those in Orlando and since the city is known for having more than 5,000…… Continue reading Foodie does Orlando in Three Days