Charleston · Hilton Head · South Carolina · USA

Charleston and Hilton Head in 48 Hours

Hi C,

One of my best friends Ch and I decided to take a girls trip to Charleston and Hilton Head, South Carolina, this past weekend. I was so excited because since we live in different states, we don’t have the opportunity to see each other often. After we both landed, we went straight to the car rental place. When they told us what car we were going to get, we couldn’t believe it. A brand new 2016 Ford F150 4 x 4 truck. We couldn’t stop laughing! Every time we would try to get into the truck, we would have to hop up. Two hours later, we arrived at the Marriott Barony Beach Club in Hilton Head. The suite was huge and we each had our own room and bathroom!

On Saturday, we went to brunch at Southern Coney and Breakfast. It was delicious. Ch ordered a biscuit and I ordered chocolate chip pancakes, eggs, bacon and hash browns (no shame haha). When the table next to us got their food, I couldn’t help but stare.. it looked sooo good. One of the guys even offered me a tater tot and I accepted it hahaha.

After lunch we went shopping around and ended up at a local festival. We loved the “homey” feeling that it gave. There was a kids zone (of course I had to go there) and live music. We spent a few hours there and had a blast just people watching.

For dinner, we went to Bella Italia where I ordered my classic Margharita pizza and she ordered Fettucine Alfredo. The plates were HUGE!

We headed to the bar that was next to the restaurant and encountered some very peculiar people. One guy was telling us that he wanted to fight a Kangaroo because he knew he could win and another woman was so drunk she kept falling over. We were so uncomfortable! We ended up relocating to this place called The Boardroom that was located in the “triangle.” The drinks were great and the live band was awesome. They played multiple types of genres so you would never get bored!

On Sunday, we drove back to Charleston and had lunch at the award-winning Hyman’s Seafood. The service was impeccable. Our waitress was beyond friendly and always made sure that we were satisfied. Ch ordered the Cajun Fettucine Alfredo and I… went a little overboard lol I ordered a baked potato with bacon and cheese, mac and cheese, hush puppies and French fries. Worth every single calorie!

After lunch, we walked around Charleston and were amazed at how beautiful everything looked. As Ch perfectly said, “straight out of a story book”.

We were so fascinated that we lost track of time and had to rush to the airport. I was able to get this perfect show of the sunset which was a great ending to an amazing girls getaway.



– K


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