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Portugal: Home is Where the Heart is!

Hi C,

Your adventures sound incredible! I love how I’m from Portugal and haven’t gone to 90% of the places that you’re talking about haha. I need to step up my game! I came to Portugal for two weeks on vacation to spend time with my family. The first few days have been amazing! There is literally no better feeling than being here. I’m excited to see you in a few weeks after being apart for so many months!!!

During the first two days, I spent the day at the beach with my cousins. I haven’t been to the beach in Portugal in years! The weather was perfect but the water was sooo cold. My cousins and I looked so silly because we kept trying to go in the ocean and then run out hahaha. We relaxed, played cards (they were hilarious hahaha each card is a different “famous” cat. They are epic!) and ate Bolas de Berlim with NUTELLA! The sunsets were unreal over the ocean.. I wish I could have lived those moments forever. I was able to get amazing pictures for my collection. ; )

We went to dinner at Meat Street in Algés and it was delicious. I love how most places in Portugal will put a fried egg on top of your steak. The sauce is always sooo delicious especially to dip your fries in. Of course I had a lemon lipton iced tea to accompany. I hate how I haven’t seen them in the U.S.

After dinner we went to the movies in Amoreiras. It’s one of the best places in Lisbon to go to the movies. The theaters are roomy and comfortable. The popcorn was heavenly haha I hate how in the U.S. they only have salty popcorn and not sweet. We watched “Sully”,  and were crying our eyes out and anxious the entire time hahah. Tom Hanks definitely deserves an Oscar for that performance.

Can’t wait to see you!!

– K


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