Spain · Toledo


Hi C, 

Tempus Hotel & Spa is literally unreal.. the way that the sun was setting and you can see the reflection in the pool. Wow! Lol you know I’m a softie for sunsets. It still amazes me that there are so many places in Portugal that I haven’t visited and I’m from there.

A few days ago I had a day off from school and took a day trip to Toledo with my friend N and her puppy (literally melts my heart). We rented a car in the morning and we hit the road! Spain is so beautiful and I’m really looking forward to exploring more of the country throughout the next year. When we first got there, we wandered around the beautiful city and admired all of its great architecture.

The city reminded me of Harry Potter in a way because of its antique stylings. When we went into a shop we actually ran into one of our friends from school! Such a small world. After exploring for about an hour, we went to lunch at Nuevo Almacen. As an appetizer we ordered the croquetas and for the main course I ordered a burger and N ordered the ribs. Yum yum yum! The food came out pretty fast but the waiter seemed like he was always in a huge hurry. I really wanted to try the brownie dessert but I was way too full.

After lunch, we kept walking around. I swear I haven’t walked that much in forever. N is super fit so she was all happy, and I was slowly dying on the inside and got a huge leg cramp lol. Clearly I need to hit the gym. We got so many breathtaking pictures which made me super happy. Unfortunately because it was so cloudy, I wasn’t able to see the sunset!

Due to the fact that it was a dia festivo in Madrid, we didn’t pay for parking because we had seen that on Sundays and dias festivos it was free. When we got to the car we had a 60 euro fine.. lovely. Of course we were super annoyed and were able to speak to the parking manager and he said that it wasn’t a dia festivo in Toledo lol. We got in the car to head home, and then I read the bottom of the ticket  (super small and fine print) and it said that if the ticket was paid within an hour of being issued, it would only be 10.50 euros instead of 60 euros. When we noticed we were still within the hour we drove over to pay the ticket as fast as we could ahahah. The drive home was nice and I pretty much passed out in the car with the puppy in my arms.

 It was such a fun trip and I highly recommend it.


– K


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