Louisiana · New Orleans · USA

New Orleans: one menu & drink at a time

Dear K, Your trip to LA sounds like a dream! I’m dying to visit the West Coast. Before I tell you about my 4th of July, I need to let you know about my extended weekend in New Orleans! It was one of the cities I wanted to visit while living in the US so…… Continue reading New Orleans: one menu & drink at a time

Colorado · Nederland · USA

Nederland: Colorado’s diamond in the rough!

Dear K, I’ve visited Alqueva right after it was finished, because my dad wanted to see it. Like you said, the views are incredibly stunning! I’m glad you’re enjoying your time in Portugal : ) So going back to my weekend in Colorado, it’s time to tell you about Nederland! Most people don’t know about this place, but I can tell…… Continue reading Nederland: Colorado’s diamond in the rough!

Boulder · Colorado · Denver · USA

Colorado escape: Denver & Boulder! (part I)

Dear K, I’m glad you’re having fun during your road trip in Alentejo. Can’t wait for the next letter! This past weekend I decided to go on a new adventure on two levels: first time traveling solo and first time in Colorado! It might have become my new favorite thing to do, due to the efficiency…… Continue reading Colorado escape: Denver & Boulder! (part I)