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Colorado escape: Denver & Boulder! (part I)

Dear K,

I’m glad you’re having fun during your road trip in Alentejo. Can’t wait for the next letter! This past weekend I decided to go on a new adventure on two levels: first time traveling solo and first time in Colorado! It might have become my new favorite thing to do, due to the efficiency in terms of time management. But don’t worry! I’m still super excited about our upcoming trips! However, this experience was refreshingly enriching! I was able to do sooo much in just a single weekend! I have too many good stories to tell you ahahah. Today I’m writing about the beginning of my adventures in Denver and Boulder. Later on, I’ll tell you all about this magical mountain town called Nederland. And finally, there will be a third letter full of adventures back in Boulder and Denver from my Sunday.

I got to Denver last Friday night around 10pm, so I just rushed to the Airbnb address, in order to still enjoy the nightlife. (Everything closes at 2am!) Erik and Amara were great hosts, and he actually offered to show me around and go out with me! We started off our night in a Dispensary. Not that I wanted to buy anything, but I was curious to see how it looks inside. It’s the most organized place ever. I imagined it more messy and full of people, but no. Super quiet, and calm. It’s almost awkward. I had no idea about the whole variety of edibles you could buy in a place like this.

After killing my curiosity, our next stop was Sputnik, on Broadway. The neighborhood is quite hipster and it offers a great diversity in terms of culture. As expected, I enjoyed the music and the crowd a lot, and also a huge basket of sweet potato fries. By the time I thought of taking a picture it was almost gone… As usual!

Following the warm up it was time to dance! We went to Milk. Well, what can I say about it? Totally not my place. The music was actually good in one of the three rooms, but the crowd is soooo far from my comfort zone. It was definitely an interesting experience though, and Erik is such a good dancer that he made me forget about the surroundings!

Succeeding the dancing, I was ready for some late night food, so we went to the Denver Diner, which is open 24/7. One of those places with high-caloric food, which I can only eat after crazy nights. Also, I’m pretty sure I woke up the morning after still full!

On Saturday it was time to make moves and go to Boulder, but first I got to enjoy the lovely neighborhood for a second. The cold felt sooo good for a change!

Already in Boulder, I went to this awesome place called Illegal Pete’s to get what it seems to be the best burrito in town according to locals. And I vouch for it! Absolutely delicious!!! And it would have been more than enough for the entire day, if I wasn’t a crazy foodie ahahah.

Then it was time to go to Nederland, which I’ll tell you all about it in my next letter…

– C


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