New York


The anti-mall sounds very… interesting hahaha. Were there any food trucks with mac and cheese or arepas?!! I’m too basic I know..

This past weekend I went to NYC AGAIN (I may or may not be obsessed). I went to surprise my best friend R for her 25th birthday. It was epic! I talk to her every day all day so it was really hard to keep it from her but seeing her face when she saw me in her lobby was priceless and totally worth it. When we went to her apartment, I gave her one of her birthday presents.

The cutest Winnie the Pooh ever made. Every single time I look at it I can’t help by say “aww” and I cuddled it with all weekend ahahah.

When we were walking around looking for a place to have dinner, we stumbled upon Lupulo. When I looked at the menu, I realized it was a Portuguese restaurant! Of course, we went in and I got Ameijoas à Bulhão Pato and Pasteis de Nata. It was soooo good. R got Patê de Fígado de Aves and she said it was delicious too. That night, I went to Cantina Rooftop to meet up with my friends and it was actually really fun! I highly recommend it.

The next day I met up with some friends at Time Warner Center and then we went to the famous Levain Bakery to get chocolate chip cookies and the line was insaneee! Totally worth it though.

Later that night, it was R’s big birthday celebration! We went to dinner at Gemma (I promise it was decided before they knew I was coming! Hahaha It’s just that good of a place!). After Gemma, we surprised R with a white limo to take us back to her apartment before we went out.

We ended up going to the Hudson Hotel which had a great vibe and ambiance.

On Sunday, we went to Eataly so that I could go to the Nutella Bar. All I can say is YUMMMMM.

R had an amazing birthday so i couldn’t be happier! :)





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