The Anti-Mall

Dear K,

Ocho Rios looks beautiful! And that resort is stunning!! I really hope we can go to Jamaica in the next few months.

For now I am enjoying Orlando! A few days ago, I went to this new spot in town: the Artegon Marketplace. It’s advertised as the anti-mall, which is funny because when I got there it looked just like a regular mall with a movie theater. However,when I explored it a little bit, I realized every single store is completely unique (with the exception of a random Subway ahah).

The stores are all based on handcrafted and/or old school goods. From handmade jewelry and clothes to old records, toys and surf gear, this is the most unconventional shopping place I’ve found in Florida so far. I bought this beautiful necklace in a store called Via Francesca to give L as her birthday gift. I’m going back for some more Christmas shopping because I can have pretty much everything personalized.

“Peace comes from within” necklace bought @ Via Francesca

Another cool thing about Artegon is that it hosts events and I actually went for the Food Truck Wars. As a foodie, I strongly believe moments like these are the only ones in the world that make the concept of war to become acceptable… That being said, I was fairly excited to find out what food trucks were coming to the event. There were more than 40 and I unfortunately had to make hard and painful choices since I couldn’t try them all. In the end, I elected my favorites: Over The Top Pita, where I tasted a delicious Fajita Pita; Peru Power, where I tried a fabulous ceviche for the first time; and Cousins Maine Lobster, where I savored some yummy lobster quesadillas. I honestly did not take many pictures of the food because I couldn’t wait to eat it! You’ll just have to trust my palate!

lobster quesadilla
Lobster Quesadilla, Cousins Maine Lobster Foodtruck

These food trucks usually travel around Central Florida so it’s a good idea to keep track of them in case I start craving some lobster, pita or ceviche… Or in case you’re in town visiting me : )

See you soon!

– C


9 thoughts on “The Anti-Mall

    1. They’re amazing!! I wish I took more pictures to show! They actually have toys from my childhood. Stuff that you cannot find anymore. So cool! And it’s amazing that you can personalize pretty much everything. Gifts with meaning are always the best 😊


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