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And the birthday celebrations continue…

Dear K,

I totally feel the same way about the bread. I miss it sooo much! Same with queijo fresco, I’m completely crazy about it. I always thought I didn’t know how to explain it to the store workers and that was the reason why they would always show me some random cheese types hahaha.

While you’ve been enjoying your time in Portugal, I’ve been having a blast celebrating my birthday throughout April. First of all, I have a new favorite place for Friday happy hours in downtown Orlando: Ember. Amazing venue, music, and the specials run through 7:30pm. It’s one of those places you know you’ll never go just for a drink, because the rule is 3 for 1. I had a blast with my co-workers. Literally, one of those happy hours that last until 2am.

I also went to New Smyrna Beach to celebrate with my friends from Orlando. We set up a tent (totally american style!) and enjoyed a bunch of appetizers and drinks in one of the most beautiful days of 2016 so far. We ended up the afternoon at Sea Vista Tiki Bar to get some food and drinks. Like we haven’t been doing that for the entire day already hahahah.


On the 14th I went to Tsar, which is a Russian-themed lounge, but on Thursday nights it’s all about When Bachata meets Kizomba, meaning Spanish and Portuguese music all night long. Oh well, until 2am haha. There are really good dancers there, so I felt a bit shy in the beginning… But I ended up having a great time and the music made me feel like home.

On Friday night, after going out, we went to this place you would ABSOLUTELY adore! It’s called Arepa La Nueva. I know how you love arepas and these are heaven in your mouth. The one I tried is called reina pepiada. I couldn’t think of a better ending for our night!

The Sunday after me and my friends decided to try this new mexican place in Thornton Park called Verde Cantina. The cocktails are amazing, my double strawberry mimosa was on point! We had chips and salsa (obviously!) and later I had a tasteful chicken rice bowl.

Last week, I went to Ormond beach for a friend’s birthday at Grind Gastropub & Kona Tiki Bar. The food is delicious! I shared the Portobello Fries (Running Down a Dream) and a Margherita Pizza (Margaritaville). Mouthwatering! The drinks are also great and there’s also live music. Basically, whatever you’re in the mood for, you can do it there and have a great time!

Last but not the least, I went to the Florida Music Festival last weekend, where emerging bands perform. Taylor Swift performed there when she was just a teenager, so it’s always exciting to see all these potential stars! I worked there last year, so they gave me access to the backstage again this year. It was amazing to see all the faces and catch up with the amazing people who put this show together. They marked the end of my birthday celebrations in the best possible way!

I hope you enjoyed my crazy adventures, and I can’t wait to hear about your road trip in Portugal!

– C


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