Alqueva · Portugal

Road Trip: Alqueva!!!

Hi C,

Colorado sounds amazing!! I am actually planning a trip to Denver later this year to visit one of my best friends from college!! I will definitely keep your recommendations in mind.

Being in Alqueva was so special to me that I can’t even put it into words. I had spoken to my grandma when I was in Portugal back in December and she told me that she has always wanted to visit the Alqueva Dam but never had the chance to. When I flew down for her birthday this week, my present to her was this surprise trip. The entire trip was based around visiting the Alqueva Dam. It took us about an hour to get there from Beja. 



I honestly can’t express the feeling I got when I saw my nana’s reaction to finally seeing the Alqueva Dam. She was so so so so happy. It was hands down one of the best moments of my entire life. Knowing that I brought her that much happiness meant the world. The view is one that I will never forget.


For lunch we went to O Barril around 3 p.m. Once again, we ordered two dishes and shared it amongst the four of us. The portions are always so huge and we hate wasting food! Every single restaurant was better than the last. 

For dessert, I ate a Calippo de Morango! I really can’t get enough of ice cream!

IMG_3399 Off to Evora!!


– K


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