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Houston! Part 2

Hi C,

I want to know more about your road trip around Portugal. Sounds sooo cool! Going back to my weekend in Houston, today we had breakfast White Oak which is part of the hotel and part of the Galleria. When I was looking at the menu, the Nutella waffles instantly caught my eye (shocking I know). My dad and brother opted for the Upside Down Hash (very similar to eggs benedict) and my mom ordered the fresh pastry + bread basket.

During the day, we visited the Huston Space Center which was about 45 minutes away from the hotel. It’s worth the drive if you are interested in learning about NASA and what is currently happening/has happened in the past. There were mini seminars that are worth going to and were very informative. They also had a lot of cool simulators and rides but there was over an hour wait for each of the them and we didn’t have the time to wait. 

We had lunch at Rudy’s Patio which is said to be the “place to go” if you want the best BBQ ribs in Houston. You order at the counter the type of meat you want and how much you want in pounds. We ordered a bit of everything with a few sides to share. I felt like a real “labrega” because there were no plates. You were supposed to place the food and the sauces on the paper tablecloths that were provided hahaha.

We then stopped by the San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site and it was incredible!!! We were able to walk around and be inside a real ship. If you are afraid of heights, this isn’t for you. The ladders were pretty steep and I was always scared of falling off lol. It was one of the most memorable things I have ever visited.

Loved this trip!! I know you would love it since you like to do things outdoors and fit a lot of activities into a short weekend ahaha.

 Love you!

– K


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