Lisbon · Portugal

Happy birthday, K!

Dear globetrotters,

After about 4 months apart, we finally got together in Lisbon. And what better occasion that K’s birthday!!! We’re both crazy about celebrating our birthday so we always make sure everything is planned out.

This year for K’s birthday, we went to LX Factory during the day. The weather was gorgeous and therefore it was the perfect setting. LX Factory is located in a historical industrial complex from the golden industrial age. The area of Alcântara was quite busy back then but it lost its importance over time until it was completely abandoned. Since 2008 this place was reborn and transformed into a hub for creativity. You can find new and unique brands, startups, artists, an unconventional bookstore, exterior walls covered in graffiti, restaurants, bars, clubs and, most recently, a hostel. Locals love to go there to chill and hang out with friends or to get a bite to eat.

We decided to have an afternoon snack at Café da Fábrica. Snacks, salads and cakes are usually good here and the front patio is quite relaxed.

We then went up to Rio Maravilha, which is one of the best rooftops in town. It is also a restaurant but none of us has gotten the chance to give it a try so far. The view is stunning, as you can see the river, the 25th of April Bridge, the Christ the King statue, and some of Lisbon’s neighborhoods. We just ordered a drink and sat there while enjoying the peacefulness. It wasn’t crowded at all, so we could hear the characteristic sound of the cars crossing that bridge.

Later in the evening we went to Guilty by Olivier. We weren’t expecting amazing food but good enough to pair with the great vibe of this place. K only turned 25 after midnight and therefore it made sense to pick a restaurant with music and some sort of entertainment. The pastas and burgers were quite good but definitely overpriced. The ambiance is really what makes it worth going. That and because they make you feel quite special on your birthday ahahah. After dinner time, the tables were put aside and it becomes a dance floor. It can be quite fun and we got to enjoy the music and drinks until we were ready to go clubbing.

We went to K’s favorite place, Urban Beach. It wasn’t too crowded so it ended up being quite pleasant. We switched between the main dance floor that plays all the commercial hits and the Hip-Hop & RnB dance floor known as Wonder.

And this was it! K only got to spend a short time in Lisbon so we tried to make the most of it!

Happy travels!

– K & C


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