London · United Kingdom

London: Part 2!

Hi C,

Your experience, Dortmund in a Heartbeat, sounds amazing!!! I literally started imagining everyone singing. I would have paid money to see you around all those people screaming “kiss, kiss, kiss”! hahahahaha. I am so excited to tell you about the second part of my trip to London. During the last day, L had to meet with her cousin so A and I went to brunch at The Delaunay. On our way to brunch, we stopped to take pictures in front of the London Eye, Big Ben and in a telephone booth. Ultimate touristy pictures!!!

About an hour later, we got to brunch. I would recommend making reservations as it gets really full. The location is more high-end but we were really surprised as we expected the bill to be much more expensive. The service was great, great ambiance, the staff was attentive, the food was served quickly and it was delicious. I ordered the eggs Benedict, A ordered a bagel with cream cheese and salmon, and we shared pancakes (we couldn’t resist hahaha).

After brunch, we went to Harrods as L really wanted to buy a teddy bear. I looove teddy bears so I was all in. As soon as I walked in, I was in stuffed animal heaven hahaha. I expected to see a lot of children and was surprised to see a lot of people our age was well. Ironically enough, L wasn’t able to meet up with us so A and I ended up buying matching teddy bears and we bought one for L as well as a surprise. She was sooooo happy!

We headed back to the hotel to get our bags and then went to the airport. It was one of the most epic Uber rides ever. We blasted and sang along to reggaeton music and the Uber driver was jamming out to us. We thought maybe he recognized some of the songs but at some point he asked us what language it was hahaha. We ended up getting stuck in traffic and getting to the airport later than we expected. We got there 59 minutes before our flight and one of the attendants was telling us that we were too late as you have to check in at least 60 minutes before. As expected, the three of us freaked the heck out lol. We went to find someone else from the airline who was able to help us. To add to the stress, our gate was literally the farthest one away from where we were. We were running like crazy people but.. we made it!!! We were so relieved and literally ordered everything from the menu on the plane. All in all, one of the best trips I have ever had.

Love you!


– K


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