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The surroundings of Vila Nova de Mil Fontes

Dear K,

It’s funny you mentioned your weekend in Zambujeira do Mar. Right before the cold kicked in, I spent a weekend in Vila Nova de Mil Fontes area. I stayed at Figueirinha Ecoturismo; the name is quite self-explanatory, everything is reutilised or recycled. Even the toilet is quite peculiar… dry like a cat’s box. What an adventure! I stayed in an adorable tent. Very comfy and cute, with a porch that was just perfect for a glass of wine and that’s what I did after dinner on both nights I was there.


On Saturday, I went to Azenhas do Mar for lunch. There’s a restaurant with the same name that serves super fresh seafood. Well, it’s almost impossible not to find fresh seafood in this coastal area. Anyways, I had seafood rice, it was superb! Be aware that the portions are ridiculously big! The pot was supposed to be for 2 people but I’m pretty sure that could feed a whole family…


After lunch I have hiked some of the hidden beaches. Started off at Praia da Amália, which for some people it is the most beautiful beach in Costa Vicentina. Who knows? They’re all stunning! You have to survive some crazy trails in order to get there so perhaps the reward of getting there is what makes it so special ahahah. There was no one else there at that moment. I felt the breeze, embraced the sun and listened to the ocean without any disturbances. How many times in a year do you get that? Couldn’t have asked for more in that moment.


Later on I stopped by Cabo Sardão to check the lighthouse and the landscape and I was lucky enough to catch the sunset.


That night I had supper at Porto das Barcas. I can’t believe I did not take a single picture of the place or food. The decoration is so neat every detail was thought of. It doesn’t feel like you’re on the coast, where all restaurants are family-owned and fresh seafood is the only rule. The atmosphere is also great. So imagine the mouthwatering food, by the ocean, in a carefully put setting. I guess I was so involved, I didn’t even bother with the pictures. Sorry not sorry!

On Sunday, I headed to Porto Covo, where I had lunch at Marquês – Cervejaria Marisqueira. It’s right at the main square, so you’d think it’s too touristy and the food isn’t as good as it had been so far. Glad I was wrong! I ordered sapateira and then arroz de lingueirão. Both super tastyyyy!!


Before heading back to Lisbon, I stopped by Ilha do Pessegueiro in Porto Côvo, and enjoyed a couple more hours of amazing weather by the ocean.


It’s just like you said, everywhere you go there’s one breathtaking view after another. This weekend getaway was ideal to reset my energies. I know it sounds like a cliche but I am grateful to have out-of-this-world gems so close from Lisbon, and just far enough from it not to even cross my thoughts when I’m there :)

Love you,

⁃ C


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