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Mykonos, Greece

Hi C,

You definitely should stop talking to strangers hahaha. As I was reading your letter about your visit to Manchester, none of it surprised me lol. The brunches looked amazing and definitely like something I’d really enjoy!

After Santorini, my friends and I headed to beautiful Mykonos. We went by boat (so fun for a person who has anxiety and gets sea sick haha) and they had told us it would only take about two hours… of course it took almost four. I just wanted to jump off the boat! When we got off the boat, there were literally over 200 people in line waiting for a taxi. We started walking and asking around, and found out that we could take a water taxi. We got so lucky that the others tourists didn’t know about it hehe :P

We stayed at the Hotel Porto Mykonos which had an amazing pool and view. However, I was very underwhelmed by the accommodations and the staff wasn’t very friendly to us. We started walking around town and of course I took a million photos of the sunsets. It was magical!

One of the best things was that close to our hotel there were so many restaurants, shops, and great nightlife (talk about convenient haha). They had such gorgeous things for sale! I wanted to buy everything. Sadly, I could only buy small souvenirs as I didn’t have any space in my suitcase.

We went to the renowned NAMMOS. It definitely lived up to the hype! However, our bank accounts weren’t very pleased hahaha. The food was incredible, everyone at the restaurant seemed so happy which put all of us in a good mood and the décor was … WOW! There were butterfly drawings on the walls which were epic! Then of course everyone started dancing on tables and got rowdy haha. I definitely recommend making a reservation!

We also went to lunch at a place called Solymar where we faced the beach and actually had pretty good sushi. Can’t complain about the view obviously!

Then of course… more sunsets :) (I know I’m too predictable hahah).



I loved Mykonos and will definitely be back!


– K


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