Mind Eraser

Dear K,

I’m very sad I couldn’t go to NYC to spend your birthday, but I’ll make it up to you next time we see each other!!! You need to take me to Hotel Chantelle! That brunch sounds incredible! I’d love to tell you all about last Friday evening in Orlando when I I went out to celebrate my roommate’s birthday. I know it’s common  in America to celebrate your birthday during the weekend before if your birthday is during the week but to be honest it freaks me out. Call me crazy but in Portugal if you wish someone a happy birthday before the actual date, you’re wishing them bad luck. Obviously, I went to celebrate her birthday anyway, you know I can’t refuse a good party but instead I just called it “the last days of L being 28.”

We started the night at Hawkers Asian Street Fare, a restaurant that serves delicious “street food” recipes from across Asia. I hadn’t been there before so I was really excited to try it especially with such a large group. We were 20 people! When the food came out, it all looked incredible and I wanted to try it all! I’m sad that my stomach wouldn’t take any more food after trying 5 dishes. My favorite dish was the Char Kway Teo which consists of rice noodles stir-fried with shrimp, chicken, scallions and bean sprouts. It was beautifully cooked and it had a delightful taste. I also tried tofu for the first time and I actually enjoyed it. The way the chef seasoned it was perfect. Hawkers has definitely become one my favorite restaurants in town! It’s definitely a place we can’t miss next time you come to visit me..

The Guesthouse, Orlando

After dinner, we went to a new bar, The Guesthouse, which is within walking distance from the restaurant. It has an amazing collection of plants decorating the room (some gardens would be jealous!) that create a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. It also has this considerably large bar in the middle of the room where the bartenders create their very unique cocktails with funky names like Beerita, Painkiller or Corpse Reviver. We had an amazing time there and I’ll keep in mind that the happy hour goes until 8pm, which is hard to find.

Lucky Lure, Orlando
Foosball @ Lucky Lure

The next and last bar for the night was the Lucky Lure, in the Lake Ivanhoe area. It’s an entertaining venue where you can play pool and foosball. I totally went for the second option, as it makes me recall my high school days. It also has some interesting names for cocktails such as Mind Eraser. I am just not sure I want to find out what that drink is made of… maybe we can try it when you come visit ; ) As you can see, it was a long Friday night and I had a blast. But most importantly, L had a terrific night with her best friends : )

Lucky Lure, Orlando

I can’t wait to see you!


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