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Home Sweet Home.. Lisbon, Portugal

Hi C,

That’s such a great idea for a Christmas gift! You sound like you had a blast! Today was my first day back in Lisbon since April and not going to lie… I couldn’t be happier! Best Christmas gift I could ever ask for. Seeing my nana and the rest of my family was so amazing!!!!

I went with my cousins to Belém for most of the afternoon. We walked around and I was able to get some gorgeous shots of Lisbon! The culture, the food and the people are just incredible.

It’s so crazy to me how there are so many people who don’t even know what Portugal is. I’m glad I can spread the word hahaha.

We also went to a little candy shop called “Sweets for my Sweet” in Lisbon. I became obsessed with the name the second I saw it. Of course I filled up my candy bag with 90% banana and egg gummies. Those are my all time favorites and I can’t seem to find them in the US. If you’re ever craving candy, it’s definitely the place to go!

For dinner, I met up with my friend M to catch up. We went to my favorite restaurant Portugália in Belém. It was soooo good. I ordered the amêijoas à bulhão pato to start and then we each ate a Bitoque à Portuguesa. The sauce is so addicting! For dessert, we shared a warm chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream that had caramel all over it.. DELICIOUS.

I can’t wait for you to come next week!!! : )

– K


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