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From Lisbon with love…

Dear K,

I’m glad you enjoyed your time in Lisbon with your family and friends. I had an amazing time with you too! As you can imagine, after 10 months abroad, I was in need of some quality time at home. My words will never be enough to describe what I felt during this past week. Family, friends, restaurants, bars, parties, sightseeing, and so much more. I’ll try to tell you about it while I wait for the plane to Amsterdam.

The first night I met some friends from high school at the restaurant Popolo, in Santos. We ordered two gourmet burgers (Consiglieri and Ciao Bela) and a pizza (Rústica). The restaurant is recent and the concept and décor are quite trendy.

On the 23rd, I went to the downtown area in order to check the Christmas lights and the big tree in Rossio. There was also a cute little Christmas market.

Then I walked up towards Chiado and had dinner at Mercantina. It’s an Italian restaurant that serves delicious pasta, risotto and pizza. We ordered a Foccacia all’olio, aglio e pomodoro secco as an appetizer and followed by Ravioli di Vitella e Funghi al Profumo di Tartufo, Risotto al Funghi, Ravioli di Ricotta, Spinaci e Noci al Pomodoro  e Basilico, and a Spinacina. Everything was delicious but my favorite was the Ravioli di Vitella! We also ordered a Cheesecake ai Frutti di Bosco for dessert.

After that we went for some drinks at Cais Sodré and ended up clubbing at Main, because it is Hip Hop & RnB night on Wednesday.

Main, Lisbon

Christmas Eve was nice, but sometimes crazy and loud because of my nieces and nephew. It was great to see everyone together though. And the turkey was delicious as usual… My mom is definitely an amazing cook. After 3h15 in the oven, this was the result.


On the 26th, I went to LX Factory, which is an alternative area of Lisbon to eat, shop, read, dance or just hang out. It has the coolest book store in town with a lunatic man that builds gadgets on the top floor and tells visitors all about it very passionately! There are also amazing stores with everything you can wish for, bars, restaurants and a club. It’s definitely a place that you cannot miss next time you come to Lisbon, because it is completely renovated and catered for millennials.

The day after I went back to Chiado to have lunch with some friends from college at Noobai Café. It has a stunning view of Lisbon! We ordered some empanadas, salads and toasts while we enjoyed the beauty of the city.

On the 28th I went back to LX Factory to have dinner at Sushi Factory! I’ve been told it was amazing, so I couldn’t leave Lisbon without trying it. They have an all you can eat menu that is pretty complete, so that you don’t have to worry about making hard choices. I agree, it’s delightful!

My last day was chaotic. I had to run some errands and still manage to squeeze breakfast, lunch and dinner with friends and family. I started my day early in the heart of Lisbon to have breakfast at Choupana Caffe. It has a very pleasant environment, perfect to start my day. I ate a delicious vegetarian toast and the juice of the day (banana, mango, orange and papaya).

For lunch I went to Cascais. You might not know, but I used to live there during my first years of life. I love that town. So simple and beautiful. I had lunch in the marina at Mercearia Vencedora, which serves an amazing all you can eat picanha with fabulous sides.

So much more happened during these days, but this is a small summary of my adventures : )

– C


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