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On the road… to St. Augustine!

Dear K,

New Year’s Eve in Miami sounds super fun. I do miss Miami a lot! Last time I spent some days there was around Thanksgiving. Actually, I had the most insane 10 days traveling around Florida in end of last November! One of my best friends from Portugal came to visit me back then and so we started our trip in Saint Augustine.

We hit the road early in the morning and by 10pm we started our tour in the historical center, like well behaved tourists do. Flagler College, Casa Monica and the Lightner Museum are some of the landmarks you must stop by to know a little bit more about the oldest town in the nation. Also, we could not forget about the Castillo de San Marcos. Not that there’s something fascinating or different about the architecture from what we have in Portugal, but a group of volunteers performs a show where they fire a cannon, and that was quite exciting!

Then we walked on St. George Street, in order to find Pizza Time, which is considered the second best pizzeria in the nation. It’s really good, perhaps the best I’ve had in America. 

By the time we finished lunch, we were ready to start happy hour! A little bit earlier than the usual, but we couldn’t avoid it. We found this cute patio called The Backyard Island Cafe & Tropical Bar at Meehan’s. The music and the relaxed environment were the perfect fit for our mood. Then we stopped by A1A Brewery, where we tasted some local flavors. And finally, we went back to St. George Street to go to Henley’s. This bar  has 100 different beers on tap, delicious appetizers and a great atmosphere!

Last but definitely not the least, we had dinner at Catch 27. Even though we spent the whole day eating and tasting different brews, we couldn’t miss this. I had been there once back in August and the manager, Rob, still recognized me. Back then, I was at Henley’s with a friend and since it was our first time in St. Augustine, we were asking the bartender for some dinner recommendations.

Henley’s @ St. Augustine

She was telling us about Catch 27 and there’s a guy at the bar sitting right next to us who jumps in the conversation and says it’s his restaurant. I can assure you the girl had no clue! We had talked to the guy 30 minutes before, because I screamed GOOOOAAAL in the middle of the bar and the only thing that was happening on TV was a random american football game. I was listening to a soccer game on the radio and he hadn’t noticed the headphones. He probably thought I was crazy ahah. It’s incredible how after 4 months he asked me how my soccer team had been doing. 

Anyways, both times I’ve been there, both times I’ve had a foodgasm! They use the catch of the day to cook the fish dishes on the menu, which is pretty smart to ensure it’s always fresh. Seriously, you have to go there and try the best Shrimp & Grits and Fish Tacos I’ve ever had. Literally not exaggerating! I’ve also tried the blackened fish and the rustic fish, which were both beautifully seasoned and cooked. After a year and a half living in the US, I consider this my absolute favorite restaurant, so it goes automatically to our Bucket List together! : )

– C


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