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On the road… To Miami!

Dear K,

The wedding in Abu Dhabi seemed to be perfect and the bride looked stunning! Hopefully they’ll live a fairy tale happily ever after : ) Now, the next step on the road trip was the amazing city of Miami, where me and my friend R spent around 3 days exploring. It was the first time there for her so we were super excited.

We got there late on Wednesday night so we thought about just staying at the hotel’s bar, The Broken Shaker, which is one of the best bars in Miami Beach. We starting meeting new people and some British guys convinced us to go out, so we ended up clubbing at Mokai. Hip hop Wednesday and good company, what else could we wish for?

The next morning, we went for a walk in South Beach to enjoy the sound of the ocean. Orlando is completely land-locked so going to the beach is always a must. So peaceful and quiet, that time was priceless!

After lunch, we went to visit the Viscaya Museum and Gardens. It’s like you’re not even in Miami anymore. Completely different setting: historical place, beautiful gardens, perfect to be in contact with the nature. It’s almost like you’re back in Europe with all the Spanish influences in the architecture and decor.

In the afternoon, it was time for Calle Ocho!!! It was actually my first time there and I have to say that I really enjoyed the area. It has nice food, and some cool art. We definitely had a good time in Little Havana!

That night we went out to the Wall to have some fun, but the best part of the night was yet to come. We called Uber Pool, as usual, but when we were almost back to the hotel some man started calling me saying that he was my Uber driver and was waiting for me. R told me that my face was priceless. If my alleged Uber driver was calling me, who was that guy driving us?!?!?! We were going in the right direction so I didn’t notice anything weird. Apparently, there was some other girl who was going exactly to the same destination as we were and that created all the mess. I laughed in that moment, but since that happened, I always ask the driver’s name before I get in any car!


On Friday it was shopping time! We woke up early to get to the mall while it was still decent. My friend R was searching for a new bag, and when she picked up a few options to show me, there was a lady suspiciously inquiring her about one of the them. It was R’s first Black Friday, so she didn’t see it coming, but I knew she wanted to steal the purse. Fortunately, one of the shop assistants saved R by telling the lady she had more items in the storage. It’s incredible how people go crazy because of things that don’t really matter! By the time we left the mall, the parking lot was so packed, people were following me to get my parking spot. But it was so empty when I parked, that I didn’t pay any attention to where I left the car, so it took us forever to find it again. People were getting so mad hahahah. Seriously, that morning was hilarious!

Last but not the least, we went to my favorite area of Miami: Wynwood Art District. A friend took me there for the first time almost a year ago, and since then I can never get enough of it. All the art on the walls is amazing, you see artists everywhere, the crowd is super relaxed and somewhat alternative. I was showing my favorite walls to R, when we noticed an event going on at Wood Tavern. I had never been there before sunset but there was a fair with some local businesses going on with a lot of jewelry, clothes, and other accessories… pretty much all handmade. I ended up buying some awesome sunglasses and then staying for a couple of hours just enjoying the vibe and happy hour, of course.

I absolutely loved these days in Miami and I was even happier that R enjoyed them as well! Next Stop: Florida Keys & Key West.

Btw I can’t wait for our weekend in Miami!

See you soon,

– C


5 thoughts on “On the road… To Miami!

  1. This is totally my fav letter, because makes me wanna go there so freakin’ much! All the pictures and adventures C told are absolutely amazing, and I really hope I can go visit Miami and all those beautiful places someday!

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