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New Year’s Treat… part II

Dear K,

NYC never ceases to amaze me! I do need to go there again before I move back to Europe. Do you remember when I told you me and my roommate agreed on treating each other with dinner and drinks as our Christmas gifts? Oh well… with me going home for the holidays and all the non-stop plans after coming back, the second dinner had to be scheduled way after NYE and therefore it was renamed as New Year’s Treat : )

We decided to go to the Strand on Mills 50 area, which has a neat open space with a nice and relaxed atmosphere. It’s interesting how the menu is versatile in the sense that you can choose between a more intimate and higher-end selection, and a more casual option with the standbys. Also, you know I like to know where my food comes from, and the Strand trusts local farms to provide all the necessary ingredients for a delightful meal. On top of that, the owners are a couple and they’re both the chef and sous-chef of the restaurant, so you can imagine all the passion they put in their cookings. It’s just inspiring!

As an appetizer, we ordered the delicious snapper cakes. A bit spicy and super flavored, just how I like it! For the main course, we shared the Grilled Prime Rib with parsley red potatoes and grilled asparagus, and the Goat Cheese Crusted Lamb. OMG! Absolutely mouthwatering!

It was my first time at the Strand and I really enjoyed it. I’m sure I’ll be back some time soon, probably for brunch, as I’ve heard it’s really good!

After dinner, we went to get some drinks at the Guesthouse, which I’ve told you about a few times already. It’s pretty nice to hangout as you might have understood by now. I’m just not sure if I’ll be back anytime soon, since L decided to leave my phone number with the bartender. Sure he’s good looking, but seriously, I was just playing with Snapchat!


How am I gonna go back? I can’t tell you how embarrassed I was. The next day she asked me if I remembered when we gave my phone number to the bartender. I sure don’t, as there’s no WE in that sentence. All her!! Maybe when you come visit I’ll make an attempt to go back.

All in all, me and L had a great night. Good food and drinks and an amazing company! I am really lucky to have met her. It’s weird that we get along so well since we met online in one of those websites to find roommates. Barely did I know it would become a great friendship!!! : )

See you soon,

– C


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