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Happy Birthday, C! 🎂🎈🎁🍸🎉

Hello wanderlusters,

We hope all of you are having fun traveling and also enjoying our adventures! Last April Fools’ Day was time to celebrate C’s 24th birthday, so we decided to go to Miami to enjoy some good food, music and the amazing Florida weather!

Friday evening when C got to Miami, K was waiting for her with a nice surprise. Happy birthday balloons and birthday cake with Benfica’s symbol, C’s favorite soccer team!!!


We ate the cake around Benfica’s symbol and then we had to stop, as no one had the courage to cut it hahaha.


After all this initial excitement, we went for dinner at Beaker & Gray in Wynwood. Very hipster, tapas style, welcoming vibe, and great for sharing.

We tried the churros with shrimp, chorizo and ginger, the wild mushrooms, the chicken nuggets with avocado, kirby cucumber and onion sweet n’ sour, and the pumpkin gnocchi.

It’s very interesting how they transform simple flavors into something odd and delicious just by pairing them with the right ingredients. Finally, we tasted a delicious dessert that unfortunately we can’t recall the name. However, Nutella is one of the ingredients, so believe us when we say it’s absolutely delicious ; )

Afterwards, we went to check some bars in Wynwood area. We started at Gramps, which has a really cool venue, but the music scene wasn’t the best fit for us. So we moved on to Coyo Taco. We have been super curious about this place for a while, because it looks just like a restaurant (and it is!), but it has a secret room in the back. It’s super dark inside, you can barely see other people’s faces. The music is amazing though and we ended up dancing for quite some time! Definitely worth going!

On Saturday, we just relaxed by the pool to enjoy the perfect weather.

And later that night, we had dinner at Puntino in Key Biscayne.

Pretty good Italian food to get us ready for a Latin night at Ball & Chain in Little Havana. It was our first time at this club and we really enjoyed it. There are two huge areas, one inside and another one outside, both full of energy. Latin people never disappoint, they’re definitely the best dancers. The struggle is real every time we try to keep up with their moves haha. It was super fun!

On Sunday we just tanned a little bit at the usual place, the Grand Bay Club, before we had to go back to our routines.


It was a very pleasant birthday weekend, full of thoughtful surprises! But the celebrations are not over yet, at least for C!!! : )

Safe travels!


– K & C

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