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Colorado escape: Boulder and Denver! – Part III

Dear K,

I cannot recall the last time I was in Évora… maybe it has been 10 years already. However, I do remember it being gorgeous!

Now going back to my weekend in Colorado, I was about to tell you what I did after leaving gorgeous Nederland. I got to spend a few hours in Boulder, so I went for brunch at Snooze : an AM Eatery (they have different locations in Boulder and Denver). It’s a super trendy place that everyone told me about with huge lines that can go up to an hour. As they don’t take reservations, you have to suck it up and wait if you want to try it. As I was traveling solo, I could just wait for a seat at the counter, so in 10 minutes I had a seat and a mimosa. Seriously! These perks of traveling solo are really something! Also, one thing I love about Snooze is the fact that you can have an Eggs Benedict Combo. You know how the both of us are crazy about eggs benedict, and it’s always a struggle for me to pick just one kind, so it was awesome that I could combine two of them. Needless to say, it was absolutely delicious!

After brunch I went for a walk on Pearl Street Mall. I had a great time exploring some local boutiques and other unique stores. They had really cool items especially accessories. I couldn’t help but add a new pair of sunglasses to my collection ahah.

Later I arrived in Denver and decided to enjoy the remaining of my day eating and drinking. The food scene is awesome and the brews are super famous as well, so I couldn’t really avoid it. I had so many recommendations from friends and also from locals that I challenged myself to try as much as possible. I started my gastronomic tour at the Terminal Bar @ the Union Station. Very classy despite being inside a train station. I mean, the whole station is gorgeous!!!

I had a couple of local beers (and a side of fries ahah) and made some moves to the next place, called Hopdoddy. This place caught my attention because it supports local agricultural economy and also because it’s a burger bar, which I thought it was an unusual concept. I was not hungry at all at this point but I wanted to try the renowned green chile. Not the traditional dish but green chile queso with fries. That was literally all I could handle at that point. I was so full!

Afterwards, I walked for a while in order to digest all the food I’ve been eating especially because I still had other places in mind. I passed by Larimer Square, checked out 16th Street Mall and also the State Capitol area.

I stopped for a drink at Earls Kitchen & Bar, which had an amazing vibe. All the food I saw coming out of the kitchen looked so delicious, I ended up ordering an appetizer right before dinner.

After narrowing down my options with the help of the biggest foodies I know, I decided to have dinner at Euclid Hall Bar & Kitchen. The service was amazing! I happened to have a server who had previously been in Portugal, so we spent quite some time talking about travels, which is always pleasant. But most importantly, the food was absolutely divine!!! I started with the Ceviche & Cornbread and ended with a mouthwatering Duck Poutine. OMG! I am so coming back to this place when I get a chance! It really made my trip end in the best possible way.

I hope you were able to enjoy my diverse tastings in Boulder and Denver, and hopefully you’ll try some of them when you visit Colorado later this year : )

– C


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