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Amsterdam, always a pleasure!

Dear K,

It seems like you had a great time in Greece last summer, one of the places I have on my list to go soon :)

About a month ago, I went to Amsterdam again. One of my best friends is living there and me and some of the girls decided to enjoy the long weekend and have some fun before Christmas craziness. It was soooo cold. It’s my third time or so in the city and was never able to enjoy some sunny weather. Maybe next time! Apart from the cold, we had a blast. Since we had done most of the touristy things before, the trip was more about enjoying the food, the city life and having some fun.


On the first night, we went to Supperclub. The club spreads out around the whole building and it’s really pretty. The main dance room is super tall and it sort of feels you’re in an old palace. The DJ was playing Dutch EDM music, which was kind of lame, but the whole atmosphere was quite fun.

On Friday and Saturday, we had brunch at Bakers & Roasters. There are two different locations and it is soooo good that we just went to both, one each day. Mimosas, eggs Benedict, bacon, pancakes…. what else? You would really like this place :)

On Friday evening, my friend who lives there prepared a little surprise for us: a 2-hour boat tour in the canals so that we could see the Amsterdam Light Festival going on. It was a private tour just for us, which is something I recommend in case you want to customize it for you and your group. We were packed with some wine and snacks to make it more enjoyable. Well, it was so damn freezing that the wine disappeared in the first hour. Other than that, the tour was great and I was quite happy to finally catch the festival, which I had missed by a few days the previous time I was there.


After dinner on Friday, we went to De Pijp area. I had never been there before and it’s known for its bars and restaurants. I can’t spell any names at the moment, but they’re mostly concentrated on one street, so it’s impossible to miss. We just did some bar hopping and danced through the night.


On Saturday, the highlight was definitely our dinner at Salmuera. The menu is covered by delicious South American food and cocktails. I wanted to just try everything! The food was superb! Our waiter gave us the best recommendations. We had different types of ceviche, empanadas, tiraditos, platano and other sides and in the end a meat platter to share. OMG! Imagine all this with margaritas and pisco sour… to die for!


Sunday was my last day and we decided to take the ferry and go check the infamous Amsterdam Tower. It has an observation deck on top, as well as the highest swing in Europe. When looking from the ground floor, it seemed pretty scary, but once we got to the sky deck it didn’t seem that swing would be that scary. Well, we were veeery wrong! The swing sort of pushed my hips to the front and I had to use my abs so bad. The swing goes too much outside the building… IT WAS SO SCARY! Seriously, the weirdest sensation ever. We couldn’t stop laughing but at the same time we were sort of petrified on the inside. Can’t even explain!

After all this excitement, it was time to come home. Looking back and despite the cold, Amsterdam always gives me a warm welcome! I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of it.

Happy New Year, K! <3


– C


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