New York

New York Minute

Hi C,

So remember how I told you that I was going to NYC for only 21 hours to watch one of my friends get married the night before Thanksgiving…? yeah.. it was some of the craziest hours of my life.. As usual, I worked all night and was only able to get 3 hours of sleep before my flight. When I finally got to NYC, I was exhausted yet I was extremely excited because I was going to my favorite restaurant there, Gemma, for lunch.

I requested UberPool because hello who doesn’t like to save money and I always think it’s exciting to see who you will end up riding with. When I got in the car, I saw there was already a guy sitting inside. Being the kind person that I am (hahaha), I said hello. We started talking and we ended up telling each other what seemed to be like our whole life stories. He even said “Uber Pool should be promoted as a dating tool,” which I thought was hilarious! If you think about it, you are stuck in a car with a complete stranger and who knows.. you might even get asked out on a date? I then got to Gemma and the Focaccia was as heavenly as I remembered it. I also highly recommend the Nutella calzone!

After lunch, I went shopping in Soho and stopped by Sephora and Uniqlo. As usual, I lost track of time and started becoming late. I took an Uber to my friend’s house and started rushing to get ready for the wedding. After an hour, we headed out to The Pierre hotel which literally took my breath away. The décor and ambiance was stunning. I wandered around the hotel lobby to appreciate all of the visual aesthetics it had to offer. After attending the cocktail reception for half an hour.. it was wedding time! When I stepped into the ballroom, I was in awe. It was truly a fairytale wedding. As I watched my friend promise to love her future husband for the rest of her life, I couldn’t help but get emotional… I have known her for almost seven years and couldn’t be happier for her.

It was very interesting to witness a traditional Jewish wedding where men and women were seated separately. After the ceremony came dinner and dancing! I have never seen so much energy on a dance floor. A few hours later, I noticed that one of my best friends was sitting down. When I walked up to her, her entire face had swollen up. I instantly panicked and tried to help her in any way that I could.. literally any way.. hahaha  I put ice on her face, gave her Benadryl, etc.. Luckily she started getting better after an hour.. to say that the wedding ended with a bang is an understatement but then again.. my life is always crazy!

– K


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